Sayward Canoe Route

Explore the beautiful North island on the Sayward Canoe Route. 50km of pristine lakes surrounded by lush forest and secluded campgrounds.

Duration: 4 days

The Sayward Canoe route is a popular circuit take takes you through lush forest, secluded lakes and short sections of the river as you paddle and portage on your adventure. Each lake is connected by a short section of river or by a portage where your canoe and equipment will need to be carried. The longest portage is 2.2km along flat trails with plenty of places to rest, the shortest is an exciting 400-metre steep section. Our first day of adventure starts with the preparation and loading of equipment, a safety briefing and travel to the launch site at Brewster Lake. Our route will see us paddling from Brewster Lake on the first day to an overnight camping spot at the end of Gray Lake. We'll practice some canoe safety and paddling strokes to get you familiar with your canoe and help enhance your paddling experience.

On Day 2 we paddle through Fry Lake into the Campbell Lake and finally end our day at Goose Lake. This day will be a full day on the water through amazing scenery and tranquil river sections and ponds, a 22km paddle with a 3km portage. This will be one of the harder days, covering a good distance. On the third day, we paddle from Goose Lake to Amor Lake, with 7.5km of open water and a 2.5km portage on flat ground. Our final day takes us from Amor Lake back to our launch site on Brewster Lake, taking in a portage and another good distance on open water.

The Sayward Canoe Route is an excellent expedition tour for moderate paddlers who want to experience the backcountry from the comfort of a canoe. Our camping will be backcountry based, setting up and striking camp at each overnight location. The trip is limited to 14 people including guides.