Della Falls and Love Lake

Experience the thrill of Della Falls as the water cascades down the mountainside and the unbelievable natural beauty of Love Lake. A 27km canoe paddle down Great Central lake, followed by 3 days of hiking and wilderness camping.

Duration: 5 Days

Della Falls is a wonderful adventure that includes two full days paddle by canoe, stopping at several points of interest as we traverse Great Central Lake, followed by 3 days of hiking on moderate trails and challenging sub-alpine. Our trip starts with a safety briefing and gear check before departing to our overnight camp spot at Scout Beach on Great Central Lake. We strike camp early and hit the water to beat the wind that often picks up late morning and through the afternoon. Our paddle will take us the length of Great Central Lake to the BC Parks dock at the far end, and the start of the Della Falls trail head.

The first part of our hike takes us along a disused railway, following old logging infrastructure beneath fallen trees, and across small ravines and creeks. We pass through several historical areas with artefacts littered in the forest for us to find! As we head into the smaller trails on days 3 and 4, we gain elevation and start our climb to the base of the falls. At one point we use a cable car to cross the river, an exciting point in the trip for sure! and several bridges.

Della Falls is thought of as the largest drop waterfall in Canada, although some contend that as the water doesn't cascade from top to the bottom without hitting the rock - nevertheless, it's a stunning waterfall that we view form the bottom and from a high vantage point at Love Lake, 900 metres above the valley floor and opposite the falls.