Canoe Explorers

Join us for a day on the lake with a full day canoe explorer tour. This tour is ideal for those with little to moderate paddling skills. Your experienced guide will help you with canoe strokes and give you basic instruction to help you manouevre your boat and enjoy your day.

We'll paddle on one of the many lakes in the mid-island area, exploring secluded beaches, rock bluffs and cliffs and taking in the scenery and wildlife as we glide quietly past.

Your day will start with a short safety briefing and introduction to the canoes, paddles and safety equipment. We will find somewhere for our BBQ lunch and hot drink where you can spend some time observing the landscape and wildlife before our afternoon and return to the dock. This tour is open to a wide age range and tours location and distance will be dependent on experience.

Please advise of any food allergies and preferences at the time of booking.