River & Ocean Paddlers - Canoe Tour

Enjoy a day paddling on the lower Nanaimo River, crossing the Nanaimo Estuary with an abundance of wildlife to the Nanaimo Harbour, Protection Island and Newcastle Island. A full day on the water with an opportunity to paddle through some amazing scenery.

Your tour will start with a welcome to guests and an introduction to the canoes and safety equipment we will be taking on the water. This trip is a day-trip designed for those who want to experience the thrill of taking a short day trip on the water and learn some new paddling strokes. Our tour departs Nanaimo by Elk Bay Bus to our launch point on the lower Nanaimo River. We will unload the canoes and will launch in a quiet eddy where we can familiarise ourselves with the basics of handling the canoe. OUr trip down river follows the river channel over some shallow areas, open pools and a meandering channel as it flows into the estuary.

We will catch an ebb tide, which will assist us as we paddle across the estuary, filled with seals, heron and seabirds, to the Nanaimo Harbour. We stop for a short break before departing across the channel to Newcastle Island. Depending on the weather, we will paddle between Newcastle and Protection Island, circumnavigating Newcastle Island before returning to the Brechin boat ramp for our pickup.

This day tour is a great way to get out on the water and see Vancouver Island from a different perspective.